Is synergetic control a model-free or model-based approach?


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About a synergetic control system...
In some systems an aggregated control system can work better. Back in the early 1980's I tried to talk the chief engineer into using this kind of special control system to control a converter that was subject to intense extremes in operation, although I did not know this technique had a name at that time. The main converter control system was too slow to catch fast overloads, so I had recommended a second control that would take over during extremes, and that would keep the components safe from overloads and of course blow outs. This is the utmost non-linear control.
He didn't like the idea, although it could have been that he did not understand the principles at the time.
This came about because there were various failures in the field that required on-site repairs and that were expensive, even for $10k USD converters.

Some years after that we went to an even more sophisticated control system with sub cycle control. That was after MOSFETs became popular though, something that could probably not have been done with bipolars at the time.
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Is synergetic control a model-free or model-based approach? Please tell me the reasons.
How about PID control?

Isn't model-free control and model-based control independent of the main type of control system?
That would mean you could use model or model free control with either main system.