Is it possible to tune an RFID read/write IC to work at a different frequency?

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I was looking up some TI products earlier today for a project.;13.56 MHz&p1415=FDX - ASK, OOK, FSK, PSK

I am looking at a wireless MCU or an analog front end that can with ISO 11784/11785 FDX-A, FDX-B standards. The devices listed in the link above operate at 13.56MHz, whereas the ISO 11784/11785 standards operate at 134.2kHz. I did find some 134.2kHz ICs/MCUs but they don't support Full Duplex mode(FDX) but support Half Duplex mode(HDX). I know that for a wireless system to work, the resonating frequencies of the RF elements needs to be same or atleast close enough. Any suggestions? I also welcome any suggestions on device selection as well. I am currently using EM4095 for achieving one of the FDX standards.


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I think you won't be able to retune that? At least not to 134khz.
Look at the tms3705 for hdx, maybe u2270b for fdx, its end of life though I think? I have used the em4095 for fdx, think I stopped because, the u2270b was cheaper?
Google world's simplest RFID reader for some ideas.
Good luck!