is it possible to reprogram a RTC.

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If anyone can answer this question?

Is it possible to program a DS3231 RTC that it shod give out a different type of date format.

I mane to say if it is possible to reprogram the chips system.

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Reprogram so you get different time end date - AFAIK the only option. You need to manipulate that in your software.

What type of date do you have in mind?

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i meant to say if it is possible to make it give out the Muslim date or the Hebrew date witch is different than the normal RTC is programmed.


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Since this is an I2C device don't you have a micro reading it? The micro can read the time in one format and convert to another.


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If it were possible then the datasheet for the DS3231 would say so. In as much as I trust you to have read the datasheet carefully I'm going to say no, it is not possible. What you need to do is implement a conversion in the software that reads the date from the DS3231. AFAIK, that is your only option.

Unless there is such a thing as an Islamic Semiconductor Company which could design such a chip, and then have it fabricated by TSMC or a fab in Penang. If there isn't such a company maybe you could start one.

I am curious about one thing. Does the Islamic calendar have adjustments like Leap Years and Leap Seconds to keep the calendar in sync with the movement of the planet?

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Thanks papabravo you rely helped me.
I actually found a way to convert the date format,
1# first we need to return the amount of days passed from 1/1/1970 using the function now() (from the arduino IDE )
2# once we now the amount of days passed, and we also now that 1/1/1970 is = to 23/4/5730 in the different date format
than we can calculate from 23/4/5730 + the amount of days we have, and then we would get to the date we are up to.