ir2103 HO does not work for low side

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i want to drive P channel and N channel mosfet with ir2103.i use LO to drive P channel mosfet and it work fine,but HO does not work and has zero value on output.input logic is 3.3v and i have tested different LIN and HIN zero and 3.3 volt and LO works fine but HO is zero continuously .
shunt resistor is 1 ohm and load is just about 200 mA.
it has no frequency,just for switch on or off load.

what is problem?


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Why are you using HighOut to drive the low-side FET and LowOut to drive the high-side FET?
Do you really need Q8?
The mystery shunt resistor that you mention is not in your schematic.


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Actually the IR devices can be used like that, in theory, but why? When there are plenty of dual low-side drivers that can do the job properly such as TC4426/7/8 depending whether you want inverting, noninverting or one of each.