Internet and bluetooth peripheral device driver not found

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greetings and salutations, by way of introduction, I am daniel9237, and here is a simple but yet complex RF problem I am having.
BLUETOOTH DEVICES: Motorola droid x2 3G phone, bluetooth enabled
Dell Inspirion 1525 Laptop dual-core 4gig ram, Win7 x64, dell 355 bluetooth module enabled (w/wifi wlan card)

I have been told that I COULD not connect to the internet via bluetooth over the phone, and laptop, and that the btw is only for local connectivity, and not a ". . .modem style. . ." connection.
WIFI, and bluetooth are no more than fancy RF two way radios, such as a cell phone is,
that is why i am here on this site to learn more and enhance my knowledge base.

Well I am presently on this site via a bluetooth connection via the phone, here is the problem

upon installing the WIDCOMM-Microsoft bluetooth drivers this error comes up:

"bluetooth peripheral device driver not found". . .

however, when I connect in the control panel "adding devices" and get paired ,
then connect via PANU, i am able to get on the internet. Either 2G or 3G LTE connection.

PROBLEM: cannot find any whitepapers or even technical papers on this subject of device driver not found, been to microsoft, widcomm, dell, and other tech related sites. :( so sad that there is no real data on this subject of bluetooth connectivity)

SOLUTIONS I HAVE TRIED: reinstalling all bluetooth drivers from Dell, Microsoft, and Widcomm, no luck so far,
I just keep getting the peripheral device driver not found error, however still able to pair and connect the phone, and laptop.


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Are you sure you are not tethered over the wifi and not the Bluetooth? Internet over Bluetooth would be awfully slow and I'd be surprised that either device would support it.

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yes i am very very sure i am on a BLUETOOTH connection, and yes it is similar to the ol' dial up bbs days.
how it is supporting i don't know, but here i am again on the net via bluetooth
and no one has yet to answer my questions
shucks i have even been to the microsoft KB and nothing there even left message and one tech told me that what i am doing is not possible, and that bluetooth does not support internet connections, well here i am using PANU in the control panel add device connect through access point
thanks you in advance for your time and considerations