Internal repair, GoPro Hero 5 Black camera. (Apple)

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I have a GoPro Hero 5 Black, camera, that is an Apple distinction gadget. Like cell phone repair and repair of the LCD screen that there are problems with and of need of replacement, I bought the tool kit that pry's apart with special tools and has the torx drivers in the micro range.

After getting into it, and prying off the front cover and removing 6 number 4 torx screws, the ribbon cable printed on vellum was unusual. 3 of them with a tiny I.C. at the end, but the foil was glued to a black foam strip, with contact cement and no electrical contacts. When I replaced the new back screen, it looked like the contact cement was no longer good, and the contacts just came off. Are we supposed to use contact cement and just re glue?

Are these connections Wi-Fi or bluetooth? How does this work?


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Can you supply some photos? Many LCDs use a conductive rubber strip to make a connection to the conductors on the glass, and the connection is simply made by squashing the rubber against the screen.