Interfacing "Littel Wire" or Easpery Pi Zero ?

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I am attempting to "make alive" a small B 17 model

Basically make propellers spin and have "standard" wigs lights plus "landing lights".... I am NOT looking for "military " look .
For controller I like to use my old "little wire".
It has these (attached) features to "drive I/O" hardware.
My question to the group

what hardware device to use to
1. set / reset "wings "LED lights
2. set / reset "landing" LED lights
3. independently "spin" each propeller,simulate
start and control speed

So far I like to use "Little wire" but obviously I need more PWM outputs.
Any suggestion for additional hardware would be appreciated.

Little Wire Features
  • usbtinyisp compatible AVR programmer.
  • 4 channel GPIO.
  • ADC with 10 bit resolution.
  • 2 parallel hardware PWM outputs.
  • SPI interface.
  • I2C interface.
  • 1-Wire interface
  • WS2812 RGB LED interface.
  • Multiple device support.Littl;e wire