Integrating a foot switch with double solinoids

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Hi, I like to integrate a foot switch in a circuit to control two separated double solenoids via a selector switch. E.g. position "A" lets me control "UP" side of the "1" solenoid via the left side of foot switch and "DOWN" side via the right side foot switch; position "B" lets me control "2" solenoid with same foot switches. Solenoids are 120V 23 Watt.
I have successfully made a circuit to control one double solenoid via a 120V coil relay (D7PA2 series relay) and the foot switches, but can't for the life of me get the other to work using a second relay.

Attached is a sketch of what I have done. Excuse the non schematic layout. Any pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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As I understand what you are trying to do all you need in addition to the foot-switches and solenoids is a SPDT switch (single pole double throw, also known as a changeover switch). In the diagram below, connect the power to the two wires sticking out of the top of the diagram. Now, with the A/B switch in the position shown, the foot-switches will operate solenoids 1 & 2, in the other position they will operate solenoids 3 & 4.