Inductive Power charge simulation current control

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Hello everyone,
I am writing to ask about how can I control de currents in my inductive charger more specifically the current in the resonant tank I designed.
My goal is to design an inductive wireless charger that uses a resonant tank to maximize the efficiency of the process. I am going to add some pictures of the circuit so I can illustrate better the issue I am having.

You can see in the first picture that this is still a simple simulation where I have a Full bridge inverter connected to a DC source to supply power to another circuit that has a series-series topology for maximizing the power transfer. Then on the exit, there is another full-bridge rectifier to convert the signal to DC to charge a supposed batterie.
The problem that I am having is that the current values are too high for the saturation current of the Wireless Power Charging Transmitter Coil I decided to use ( 30 Amp). The voltage across the resonant tank is 30 volts.I will add a scren-shot of the waveforms in the primary and secundary wings of the transformer.

If anyone has any ideia on how could i decrease/control the current i would be gratefull.In case anyone needs more data about the simulation just ask.
I hope I was clear enough with my English.
Thanks in advance and stay safe.


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I don't know of a way to do it without incurring power loss. Won't that defeat the purpose of the conversion? The other solution is to find the magnetics you need. If they cost too much, then again there is no point in doing the conversion.