1. Macca465

    Milwaukee custom charger for work ute

    Hey guys, I have looked everywhere and haven’t found what I want. I am trying to make a charge station out of the Milwaukee battery holders in my work ute. I know I won’t be able to charge all my batteries at once, but I’m trying to find a way I can charge Atleast 6 batteries. I have toyed...
  2. Roxx.R

    Repairing a charger by a Newbie!

    Hello everyone, i am new here and i don't have any education about electronics. I have just learnt very basic things from internet and by breaking, modifying and damaging electronics..!! I have done assembling computers and repairing motorcycles.. i love fiddling with electronics.. Anyways...
  3. K

    How do mobile robot charging contact bars work? How are they safe?

    Hi all, Question for any of you who may know: How does mobile robot charging work safely? I notice a lot of delivery robots are designed with these large contacts (boxed in red below), but how are these designed to prevent them from being live contacts in case of customers accidentally...
  4. Rachador

    USB 3.1 port wiring for charging

    Hi everyone, I'm building an USB charger with a linear PSU just for hobby and I want to install an USB 3.1 port so it can supply 900 mA max. If I only connect up the USB 3.1 port VBUS and GND pins, will the device recognize it as USB 2.0? I'd like to know what I should do with the other five...
  5. C

    12V solar panel to 3.7V li battery charger

    I have a solar pane that gives about 12 volt and 120 mah and I want to make a 3.7 v battery charger. I dont have a voltage regulator I just have transformers, resistors and capacitors ect. and I dont have a much knowledge about electronics. Please can you send a circuit? Thanks.
  6. guy_c

    Continues sla battery charger

    Hello, We have often mains shortage in my village and i want to use (create? preferably buy?) 12V ups i.e. continues 12V supply, mainly for an arduino+enet shield, a router modem and in rare occasion a ~1A siren. I bought a 9AH sla battery snd a 'smart' charger but am disappointed that the...
  7. N

    How to check if the power charger cable of a Samsung tablet is working?

    Hello I would like to check if the charger cable of my Samsung Tablet 10.1 is working at all. How do I check with a multimeter if the charger cable allows electricity to reach the circuits of my tablet? Where do I have to place the leads of the multimeter? Below is a picture of the inside...
  8. E

    How to power a pc usb powered only device using a usb charger only.

    I have a Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface. I can power it up normally from a laptop usb output. But i want to use it without a laptop or pc so I only need to power it up using an ordinary usb charger. It won't work with a usb charger only. It seems it won't power up without the communication...
  9. E

    Charge two 18650 using single tp4056

    I have two 18650 batteries to charge using TP4056. I have seen in at many posts like people are using individual tp4056 charging module for each 18650 battery and also observed like some are using single module to charge two 18650 battery. Is it fine to use single tp4056 charger circuit to...
  10. NVZN1

    Is this circuit safe for 18650 charging?

    So i got this flashlight-it has built in lithium 18650. But i looked the PCB, i think it's way too simple. I only see resistors, and only has 1 super small IC. Does this even work for guarding and protecting lithium 18650 like BMS? I compared it with TP4056, tp has lots of IC (DW IC protect...
  11. Tapish

    Charging individual 3.7V Li-Ion batteries that are connected in series to from 7.4v supply

    Hope you all are staying safe and healthy. The Pandemic lockdown has forced us to work with the only components we have at home. I am working on a battery-operated esp32 pico board having other sensors hooked up to it that need 5v of supply. So I connected two rechargeable 3.7v Li-Ion batteries...
  12. J

    Current control for a battery charge

    How can I control the current that is supplied to a battery? I need to balance current consumption to avoid some parts of the system run out of power. My system is described in the attached file. I have a 12V input which goes into a Boost regulator to get 48V. Those 48V are used to feed a...
  13. johnyradio

    Do LI Charger Chips Require Constant Current Input?

    LI charger chips are switching step-down converters with a constant-current mode. Say it's a single switch buck-type charger. It's input range is 5V to 10V, and is capable of charging cells at 2A. Will that chip require a 2A input regardless of Vin, whether 5V or 10V? Or, can the chip accept a...
  14. P

    How to implement my control system on my dsPIC33EV 5V CAN -LIN Starter kit (dsPIC33EV256GM106)

    Hello everyone, So I have been working on a wireless charger for EV applications. The prototype I designed uses a control system to manage the voltage at the exit of the charger. Without going too deep, we can just assume the charger is a source supplying a square signal of 15 Volts of 150kHz...
  15. G

    Li-ion cell charging module resistor selection?

    Greetings. A vendor selling TP4056-based 5 V charging modules for Li-ion cells specified the following resistance values and resulting current for selecting the current-programming resistor: R (kΩ) I (mA) 30 50 20 70 10 130 5 250 4...
  16. P

    Inductive Power charge simulation current control

    Hello everyone, I am writing to ask about how can I control de currents in my inductive charger more specifically the current in the resonant tank I designed. My goal is to design an inductive wireless charger that uses a resonant tank to maximize the efficiency of the process. I am going to...
  17. P

    Li-ion battery charging termination current

    Hi all, I have a question about Li-ion rechargable batteries. I have almost no experience with it. Documentation to battery is very poor, but there is an info about charging profile: Stage 1: Constant Current 0.82 Ampere (0.2C) until Voltage reach 4.2V Stage 2: Constant Voltage (4.2V) with...
  18. Theo_KVA

    Solar charging multiple 18650 Li-on cells with TP4056?

    Hi everyone, I plan to build a high capacity 3.7V/5V solar charging powerbank (something like 10-15ah). I’m going to use modules of TP4056 breakout board each coupled with two 18650 cells in parrallel. But I was wondering what would it need to charge two or three of these TP4056 modules with a...
  19. T

    Making a mobile phone fast charger plug

    Hi all, I am totally new to all this and i honestly have no idea what i need so im looking for some advice. what i want is to be able to make my own circuit board layout for a fast charger plug for your mobile. what i want to know is: what components do i need which components connect to...
  20. D

    Need charger solution - Board

    Hi There, I am need of a circuit that will work as expected. Please check the attached image for information.