Induction vs BLDC Generators

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I am doing research on wind generation to power local equipment. A sub-project involves choosing the generator and defining the control method.

I am interested in understanding why one motor type is preferred over the other (or the pro/cons of each one.)

The main design requirement is having a generation power of 500W to 1kW that can handle high RPM (>3600 RPM)

The other important factors for the generator are:

  • Ability to handle varying speed
  • Long-term reliability
  • Ability to control top speed
  • Price

From my research I lean towards BLDC due to low generation requirement, but looking for additional opinions.

Additional question would be what type of control would be needed?


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that can handle high RPM (>3600 RPM)
You brought that RPM up in your other very similar thread. Are you really expecting a generators propeller speed to be that high? Do you know the wing force/speed it would take to get that RPM? Do you know the forces the propeller would be under at that speed?

Just my thoughts but you seem to need to do much more research before you have to choose a generator/alternator for this project. Seems to be a lot your missing in this stuff.
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