Induction Heater- lower power application

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I am trying to make a backup induction heater that will heat up a stainless steel cell (2in diameter by 5in length cylinder, approx. 5lbs). I need to heat it to 100 degrees Celsius, controlled externally by a thermometer so no circuitry needed from temp control (unit will be manually switched off when reached desired temperature). I have an existing heater circuit with temp controls (IMG0852), and I wish to remove them to create the more simple circuit without temp control. The existing unit takes around 20-30 minutes to heat up, which is fine. The coil is wrapped around some type of heat resistant material (possibly nylon?) and has 280 turns.
My question is, can I just remove the temperature control portion of figure one and make a circuit that looks like figure 2? What would I need to do to make this circuit work? Do I need a transformer before the rectifier bridge for a 120V wall input? Alternatively, could I modify an existing zvs circuit module to make it work for my application? The coils I see are thick wire with 5-10 turns, where as mine is thin wire with 280 turns. Also, the ones I see heat to red hot in seconds, which I do not want. I am stuck at which option would be better to do (Cost is not an issue, only simplicity/efficiency.)