INA229 to measure temperature

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I am basically using INA229 to measure current, voltage, power, and temperature of four 12V 100Ah batteries connected in a series-parallel combination. But before I ordered my sensors I read from the data sheet that it has an integrated temperature sensor, since it serves my purpose I didn't bother to read more. Apparently, when I read it later fully I got to know it can only sense/measure the die temperature of the sensor.

So my question is: Can the sensor be modified (CODE MODIFICATION) to measure/sense the temperature of the battery along with current and voltage? If not, Can a temperature sensor be interfaced to measure/sense temperature? or Should I replace the INA229 completely with another device that helps me measure all three current, voltage, and temperature? (If any please recommend me)


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TI's TMP512 and TMP513 perform the same functions but can use external diodes or transistors as temperature sensors. A number of TI products include this feature.