Impact of System Voltage on Inverter Component Sizing

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I'm currently working on a project that deals with the sizing of inverter components based on the system voltage. Specifically, I'm aiming to understand which components in an inverter would need to be altered as the system voltage changes. This leads me to several questions:

  1. Which inverter components typically become smaller and more cost-effective as the system voltage increases? Why?
  2. Conversely, which components grow in size and potentially become more expensive when the system voltage is raised?
  3. Are there any general guidelines or experiences regarding inverter sizing in relation to system voltage?
Any recommendations for resources, articles, or personal experiences on this topic would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has dealt with such inquiries before or delved deeper into this matter, any insight would be valuable.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and time!

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Are you talking about a power converter that takes in say 12vdc and outputs say 120vac?

For one thing, as voltage goes up you have to get transistors that can handle the extra voltage, that should be quite apparent. In fact, several of the components will have to have higher voltage ratings. If you go from 12vdc input to 24vdc input your input capacitors would have to have a voltage to work at that level also, and of course from 12vdc to 48vdc even higher.


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Do you think a 120V inverter that produces 1W of output will need the same components as a 120V inverter that outputs 1000W?