I'm using 18Ah LiFiPo4 battery (25.6V Nominal) in a project

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Hi all,

I'm using 18Ah LiFiPo4 battery (25.6V Nominal) in a project, and I would like to have a refernce design of charger for the same on the principle of CC-CV.
nearly charger can charge with 28v 10A ?

any suggestion will be appriciated

Soonu Verma

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some start https://www.google.com/search?q=LiFiPo4+charge+controller+ic
good to know https://mundilec.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/HD12.8-18.pdf an unverified alternative to (C/10) would be (I.drain.max/10) 5A
/!\ ↑ check these guys out ↑ they recommend /!\ 9A (C/2) charging but show graph labelled "CHARGING CHARACTERISTICS @0.5C(=C/2 !!!), 25 C" ← that actually shows 3.6A (C/5) charging characteristic
! i n s a n e !
i personally have used (/found safe) to charge with CC (C/6=1.5A) the 9A·h Ni-Cad
"they²" use C/25 @ https://www.researchgate.net/...Fast_charging_technique_for_high_power_LiFePO4_batteries_...
since i haven't tested the thing i can't verify 10A being a less better choice
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