I2C Communication- STM32F407VG(Master) to PCA9554D(Slave)

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Hi ,
I am trying to establish a I2C connection between STM32F407VG to PCA9554D using STM32 cube.
I am using HAL libraries for the communication but i am not able to establish the connection .
it is returning HAL_Busy error while using api below
device address: 0x40

if iam wrong can you please help me out with sample program

Thanks in advance


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With STM32 devices that usually happens when the lines are not idle when the communication starts. When I2C is enabled, often just a glitch on clock or data line can cause that, and it's hard to get rid of that. Usually the 9 clock pulses don't help.


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IIRC, you have to do a left bit shift on the device address. I believe this is mentioned in the source code for the HAL. For instance, I have some working code using this (x is the slave address).

TestErrorI2C=HAL_I2C_Master_Transmit(&hi2c1, x<<1, (uint8_t*)i2cTXbuffer, (uint16_t)6, 20);