I will need help about a TTL and signal double design

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Hello everyone
I am trying to finish a circuit that about to reversal and boost the signal. The signal is a +3.3V as input and I wound the output between 9V to around 0V (bigger than 0V but smaller than 1V).As the blow fig show. That is the signal I want.3.PNG
I was looking at the MAX913 and their level shift circuit. However, I cannot finish and simulate what I want. If you have any idea about that, please let me know.
More details. I have a signal as this2.PNG
This is my input signal. And circuit I have now is
1.PNGP.S. on MAX web
I wish the circuit can be as basic as possible. I mean if you can only use RLC and Dio that will be great.
Please let me know if you have any idea and any source about that.
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Run the MAX from a 10V to 0V supply. (could be 12V supply)
Set R1, R2 to 3.3/2=1.65 volts. (switch in the middle of 0V and 3.3V) (or choose the voltage at any point you want)
The outputs should output 0 or 10V.


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The antique TTL IC has such a low output voltage and current that your circuit will not work.
That circuit (in the data sheet) is used to level shift the outputs. There are several examples of moving the output voltages up or down 5 volts. It does not do what he wants. (even if it works)