digital signal processing

  1. hsui

    I will need help about a TTL and signal double design

    Hello everyone I am trying to finish a circuit that about to reversal and boost the signal. The signal is a +3.3V as input and I wound the output between 9V to around 0V (bigger than 0V but smaller than 1V).As the blow fig show. That is the signal I want. I was looking at the MAX913 and their...
  2. J

    How do I manage voltage regulation for variable input

    Hey all! I'm trying to build an LED frequency counter. My input signal is an LED I'm using as a detector recieving from an output LED on my signal generator. I'm using square wave output to emulate pwm and my circuitry is going to process the signal to output a 5v logic output that can be read...
  3. S

    Quadrate interpolation in D/A conversion

    Can somebody please explain what exactly is quadrate interpolation in digital to analog conversation in digital signal processing?