I want to make DC-DC voltage booster

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Hello Everyone! I need help in building my DC-DC voltage booster. I want to buy voltage booster online : https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/i216846618-s282489795.html?spm=a2o4l.cart.0.0.5e313e17DPlifd&urlFlag=true&mp=1
MT3608 2A Max DC-DC Step Up Power Module Booster
,but I don't have money so i prefer creating it myself since i have a ADALP2000 analog parts kit (https://goo.gl/o18V4D). Now my question is:

Can I make the circuit using the components in ADALP2000 analog parts kit? or anything similar as long as it can convert 3.2V / 5V input TO 12V?

If so, will you help me creating the circuit diagram? It would be a very big help since our city always have a power interruption where we cannot use our wifi modem for internet but i have a lot of batteries(3.2V) and powerbanks (5v). Our Wifi modem requires 12 volts so I think I will connect the DC-DC voltage booster from powerbank/rechargeable battery to wifi modem. Having a lot of homework that requires internet is a frustration to us here. Please help us. Your help can change our lives :)

Thank you everyone! Have a nice day :)

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I want to buy voltage booster online (https://goo.gl/L7YNrD)/(https://goo.gl/pa1kEL) but I don't have money so i prefer creating it myself
A worthy aim, but it will almost certainly cost more to build one than to buy an off-the-shelf one.
The modem current requirements are unknown and the voltage rating of the capacitors in your kit are unspecified, as are the current/saturation ratings of the inductors, so it is unclear if the kit components would suffice for the DC-DC converter.
Rather than use a boost converter, it might be worth trying to make up a supply for the modem using just your batteries. Try two of the power packs in series for example. You may be lucky and find the modem works ok with just 10V.


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The inefficiency of a DC-DC converter will always take more energy from the battery than it outputs, so directly connecting the batteries is the most efficient way to power the modem.