The Induction Coil of DC Voltage Booster.

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Here is a Link of a DC Voltage Booster on YouTube

I Understand how it all woks but I wanted to Ask about the Induction Coil?

On the Left Side you See the Battery and if you go up you come to the Induction Coil.

To me this Looks like an Empty Spool of Thread with Wire now going around it.
But the Empty Spool of Thread would be Plastic I thought an Inductor Core is Iron.

What am I not Understanding?


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An inductor can have any core include air. The difference between the different core materials is the relative permeability.

Read this:
Permeability (electromagnetism) - Wikipedia

Pay particular attention to the table labeled " Magnetic susceptibility and permeability data for selected materials "
You will find both Air and Iron along with many other materials.


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Iron can be used as the core but fast signals like the ones made by the button see not only a magnetic path but also a partially shorted turn around the inductor, and that lowers efficiency.