I need to design relay circuit which will be triggered by the optocoupler

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Hello there!

I am searching for the components of garage door opening system.
I have a optocoupler on a IOT device which cannot be directly connected to the contacts on the garage door system.
I need a relay circuit which will be triggered by the IOT device optocouple and here are the specs:

- requires pull-up resistor and external power supply (10mA / max. 50V DC - no AC)
- Output may be loaded with max. 50mA

I am thinking of 12V supply and 34mW coil power relay, but I am not sure if it. Is there a better solution?

Thank you for your time and answers!

Jon Chandler

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Relay modules like the one pictured are cheaper than you can buy parts. They include either a driver transistor or optocoupler so they draw very little current from their's port pin to operate.

Caution: a quick search shows some similar modules without the driver transistor or optocoupler. Look for it in the description for the driver and a part on the circuit board with three or legs.