I need some help with a logism digital clock design

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I need help with my logism digital clock.

So basically I have designed a 24 hour clock on logism using modulo-10, modulo- 6 and modulo-3 circuits. Then i connected these subcircuits with a 7 segment decoder and made a digital clock. Now i have to be able to implement an alarm clock where the user can implement a chosen time to have the LED flash. They can turn it off with a button or keep it running for 30 seconds. I also need to add a count up/count down timer. Does anyone know how i can go about doing this?

Things to be noted:
This is all in logism ONLY
The sub modulus i refer to means that i have 6 sub circuits: so i have a modulo-10 circuit to signify 0-9 seconds, a modulo-6 circuit to signify 0-5 seconds and so on for the minutes and hours.

All help is appreciated! Thank you so much!!


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This sounds like homework. is it?

Post a schematic of your circuit and your attempts at the things you need help with. You can post your .circ file if you change the extension.


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None of the logic blocks in your schematic have information to indicate their function.

Post the complete text for the problem, your solution attempt for the things you don't know how to do, and your .circ file with extension renamed to something like .txt.