i need help with MicroWave Transformer

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how about if you connect them with the first one being hocked up to 120 volts ac and the output of that one being hocked up to the input of your second transformer

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well im trying to step up the power by connecting two unmodified transformer together ,120vac to transformer #1input the transformer #1 output to transformer #2's input hoping to get double the power. Is this achievable? or will this melt,explode,or kill me?


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It won't double the power (power = voltage x current).
Are these modified or unmodified transformers? If they unmodified then, no, it definitely won't work and something's going to smoke.


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This type of transformer only works when it is fully loaded.
You can parallel or series them provided you connect them to a load.

The load may be anywhere between 600 watts and 1200 watts

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It is impossible to just step up the power. You can get bursts of higher power, high voltage and lower current, or lower voltage and higher current. Pout < Pin.