I need a third hand soldering station, any recommendations?

Do you use a third hand tool to work?

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since I started soldering and fixing my own stuff like 3 years ago, I've always wanted a third hand soldering station with a magnifier and light. I will buy first a "cheap" version, and if I find it really helpful, I will probably think about buying something better. So... I want to spend like $10-20.

Ideally, I'd love to buy a station with a big magnifier, 3 hands if possible, and of course a LED light powerful enough to solder and work. I don't need a soldering iron holder, I already have one. I normally work with little things, like audio plugs, small IC, etc...

The best site for this price range I believe is Aliexpress. Something like this:

It's quite difficult to find one with 3 hands. I'd love if I could find one with these hand mechanisms:
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I actually don't really know if a magnifier is what I need. What if I use those glasses with magnifiers?

Then I would only need a third hand station with hands and a LED light.


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Hello there,

If you get some thick copper wire like #12 AWG you can make your own helping hands that has a more useful range of movement. Just solder two alligator clips, one to each end of each wire, then find a way to attach the other end of each wire to a base like that from a cheap helping hands set. I use one similar to that sometimes to hold things when soldering.

The magnifier is optional, some people like it some people dont use it.

You do need something heavy to use as the base. The magnetic bases dont hold to every surface. The vacuum bases dont hold to every surface either.
If you have an old discharged 12v or 6v lead acid battery that is not too big that works well as a base for example :)