I have a problem in adaptateur

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by Joseph Williamz, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Joseph Williamz

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    Feb 14, 2019
    i have a hard disk adaptateur which can read disk drives external but the problem is in the power supply i didn't find it , i want to try to create one with my self , can any one help me ?
  2. jpanhalt


    Jan 18, 2008
    That looks like a 4-pin mini-DIN connector:

    You will need the correct gender.
  3. ilker06

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    Jun 26, 2018

    My fast suggestions;

    1- Connect a multimeter to PS connector pins and try to read the 12 v and 5 v separetly. Thus you can determine one or both powers are failed.
    2- If both ( 5 v & 12 v ) does not work, let's go to the black box. Open it and try to read the both voltages on the multimeter where the soldered to the cable. ( Maybe electronics work but the cable ) Be careful when it is open. There is high AC !
    3- If there is also no 5v and 12v then electronics are died and it is difficult ( at least for me ) to find the damaged component. So keep the cable and merge one 5v DC adapter and one 12 v DC adapter. The fastest solution I think. :)
  4. Yaakov

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    Jan 27, 2019
    This is a common supply, though you will have to find the right connector. Many options here, and in the worst case you'll have to wire on your own plug (reuse what you have by splicing).