I can't fathom why this (single supply inverting opamp) circuit not working?

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I am learning about op amp for some days. I always struck when I try to simulate circuits. I can't fathom why the single supply inverting Opamp not working.
I have included the **PROTEUS** simulation file with this.
I have run other files, I downloaded from internet, They are working just fine. but whenever I try to cook the circuit I always stuck. I can be sure that its not software fault.

If any one can help me that would be appreciated. thanks in advance:)



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Welcome to AAC!

Unfortunately many don't have access to Proteus. Can you post a schematic of your circuit and say what isn't working for you.


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You need to fathom the availably supply voltage.
As BTPH noted, the usual problem is that a single supply, inverting op amp cannot give a negative output with a positive input.
An op amp doesn't generate voltage, it just controls the available voltage from the supply.

It will work with a negative input which gives a positive output (assuming it's a single-supply type op amp).
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Posts #3 and #4 are right. THAT is why for many single supply circuits the non-inverting input is biased to half the supply voltage. It works well BUT the output to a speaker load must be AC coupled. Usually that means a big capacitor in series with the output. Andthe big capacitor takes up space and may not be cheap. and if it is supposd to be DC coupled things get complicated.