How to transfer samsung galaxy contacts to computer?

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You are joking I hope, we (3 of us, one being a software engineer who works for Vodafone), spent hours trying to get Kies to talk to windows and eventually gave up and loaded contacts manually
spend many lost hours getting it to work as well (failed)

did manage to get file access to the phone (eventually) though kies was a waste of time. there are other 3rd party (purchased) software out there that can do


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Are the contacts in an identifiable format inside the Samsung as ".wab" in Windows?

Given the difficulties with Kies in all my computers I move files back and forth via Windows Explorer.


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On the phone, hit 'Contacts' to view your contacts list, hit the menu button and select Import/Export. Select Export to USB (if connected) or SD card. It will generate a file called Contacts.vcf on the SD card or in file/storage/emulated/0/Contacts.vcf (on mine). That is the standard Windows 'card file' format that can be opened by Outlook, Windows Contacts or various utilities available by Googling. Connect a USB and drag and drop to your computer.

Verizon and probably other carriers allow you to move / sync your contacts with a PC via an app.

The .vcf file is basically text - pictures are ASCII hex - with BEGIN and END tokens for each contact and text labels for PHONE, ADDRESS etc.

Good luck.
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