How to test this sound chip and can it be used to make a guitar amplifier?

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Humberto Rondón

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Hi all, I got this sound chip from a house cinema and was wondering if it could be used to make a guitar amplifier. I'll upload a couple of pics along its details:

A 4558D JRC 0058T chip
The two big capacitors are 2200uF each.
The big cluster of capacitors have: 1uF * 2, 47uF * 2, 100uF * 3, 220 uF * 2
And the capacitors near the JRC are: 47uF * 2, 22uF

The coil (I think) in the second photo says: EI - 48 X 25; 110V 60 Hz; (10.5V X 2) 06 A. I also unplugged two cables (one near the JRC and two others behind the two big capacitors). I'll appreciate any lead on where to go next, I'm an absolutely newb in electronics. Thanks!


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The 4558, if its what I am thinking, is a Japan radio 4558 opamp, that
not a power amplifier. Used typically to amplify small signals, to then drive a
power amplifier. But I see the heatsink on the board, so that may indicate
the 4558 is driving high power output transistors.

Without a schematic of board, or a user manual of equipment it came out of,
its a total guessing game, roll the dice as to what its capable of.

Regards, Dana.


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What is the number of the chip on the large heatsink, looks like its a Tda2030 type?

the 8pin chip is probably a preamp.


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The 8 pins 4558 is likely the preamp.
The 5 pins on the heasink could be a LM675 or LM1875.
Can you read the number on the powerchip?



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Chances are from what you've shown that this could be used as a guitar amp. The real issue, to me, is this module seems to have exposed live Ac line connections. These connections are lethal, NO JOKE!

Try and find someone local to you that might be able to assist you. Messing around with open frame electronics with live AC present isn't something a "newb" should be doing.

Good luck!