How to implement my control system on my dsPIC33EV 5V CAN -LIN Starter kit (dsPIC33EV256GM106)

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Hello everyone,
So I have been working on a wireless charger for EV applications. The prototype I designed uses a control system to manage the voltage at the exit of the charger. Without going too deep, we can just assume the charger is a source supplying a square signal of 15 Volts of 150kHz to a single-phase AC/DC converter that is connected to the load which I want to keep a constant value of 15V. I wanted to know how can I implement the control loop on my micro-controller. The control system receives as input the error between a reference voltage and the real-time load voltage (coming from a sensor placed on the load) and gives as output the phase shift that I should apply on my PWM signal triggering the MOSFETS on the converter in order to correct the phase of the voltage coming from the source so that the load maintains a constant voltage.
Let me know if anyone has any ideas or information I can read on how to do this.
Pedro Lopes