1. Z

    PIC- making potentiometer match second potentiometer not working

    I'm tryng to make a DC motor into a servo motor. The motor axle has a gear that is in sync with a gear on a potentiometer (MOTORPOT in the code) and I have another potentiometer that works as an input that the motor potentiometer should match in position however I set this pot(CONTROLPOT in...
  2. C

    How to move poles closer towards origin in a zero-pole map of a discrete time system in Matlab ?

    Hi, I have the following zero-pole map I created of my discrete system (see attached picture) but I want to make the poles closer to the origin. Is there any matlab command or another way in which this can be accomplished ? Thanks in advance.
  3. P

    How to implement my control system on my dsPIC33EV 5V CAN -LIN Starter kit (dsPIC33EV256GM106)

    Hello everyone, So I have been working on a wireless charger for EV applications. The prototype I designed uses a control system to manage the voltage at the exit of the charger. Without going too deep, we can just assume the charger is a source supplying a square signal of 15 Volts of 150kHz...
  4. snajperisti

    Snubber Circuit Design 230V, 16A, Problem in small load, Current Flow!

    Hello We designed this Snubber Circuit with this varistor in parallel but we have a problem in a small load. Even when the relay is disconnected, a small current is flowing. For example, when connecting a phone charger, the phone screen keeps turning on and off. The varistor is Hongzhi Elec...
  5. T

    what are the alternative PID controllers?

    simple rectifier
  6. markosjal

    Need help with component values for power control circuit

    I have a simple DC power control circuit that I want triggered by reed relays. It is for model railroad use. One set of reed switches detects the passing of the train . The first switch turns the power on to a trolley car so as the train passes the trolley car is moving. The second reed switch...