How to create a "Reverse polarized circuit" using analog circuit?

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What I mean about "Reverse polarized circuit" is that it can take the input voltage and reverse it taking the 0 as axis of symmetry.

I want to realize it using analog circuitry like MOSFETs or OP Amp. it has to be working from -1.8V to 1.8V range at least.

Anyone has idea about this?


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Well the TS stated:so I thought that meant the signal was up to 1.8V peak.
He did include a diagram that shows a triangle waveform going from -1V to +1V. There is no problem making the waveform go ±1.8V as long as the opamp supply has sufficient head room to allow the output to make it all the way there, which would be the case with some headroom, if the supply voltages were ±2V as you suggested.

I have a prediction that we will hear no more from the TS on this thread since that seems to be what he does.