How to charge three capacitors of one power supply

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Hi! I was wondering if you guys would be able to help me figure this one out. I am trying to charge three capacitors by using my county's net alternating current of 230V, after having it go through a diode bridge. I'm trying to achieve this for my multistage (three stages) coilgun project. Each capacitor should be connected to one of the three coils. The firing circuit is all finished, it's just the charging circuit that I found most difficult. I could find these two diagrams online. While the first diagram is just the firing circuit and contains no circuit which shows how to charge each capacitor, it does make clear what I'm trying to achieve. The second diagram, on the other hand, shows me a clear charging circuit. I was wondering though if it is necessary for the diodes to be placed there. And will this divide the input current over the three capacitors? I was also wondering why, when allowing the current of the first capacitor to flow through the first coil, this will not lead to a discharge of the other two capacitors. Thanks in advance!

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