How Model Capacitor Inductance and Resistance for Frequency-Based Simulation?

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I've been stumped for a few days now on a question regarding capacitors. I've been working with a simulator that allows a few different ways to define the capacitor model. One method is to use a simple lumped model wherein you enter the capacitance, inductance and resistance. Another method is to upload s-parameter models. The last method is to pull the capacitor models from a database that is integrated into the simulation software.

What I am puzzled about is: for a lumped model, how do you select the values of inductance and resistance to use? I've attached a screenshot. Also attached is a picture of a capacitor selected from the simulator's integrated database. How do they select the values of L Model, R Model and C Model? I understand the v-shaped capacitor impedance curve wherein the capacitive impedance dominates up to the self-resonant frequency, and inductive impedance dominates at frequencies greater than the self-resonant frequency.