How math really effect on Engineering

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Hi Have a nice day

I am engineering students ( Electrical Electronics Engineering )
Our lecture teaching us following math subject this days
Remainder Theorem
Factor Theorem

I asked where the exactly use this theorem in the Engineering

I have no answer

Do you have please
Thanks in advanced


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This is why people hate learning math- all painful problems with nothing to spark an interest.

The Education System needs an overhaul.


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The theory of most engineering disciplines is largely applied mathematics.
Since you don't know which of the math subjects you may need in the particular specialty you end up working in, you need to get a good, general understanding of all branches of math.
That way when you run into a particular design problem in your engineering discipline, you will be familiar with the math tools to help solve the problem.
I know math can be somewhat of a pain (it certainly was for me) but it's a necessary pain.
If you skimp on the math then your understanding of engineering will be meager at best.


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If you could see the future you would only need to learn the things you would need. Since you can't see the future you must learn as much as you can so you will be prepared. It is beyond pointless to worry about the usefulness of a specific thing because it is all connected. If learning is too much trouble, then I would certainly advise you not to waste what precious time you have on something you find unsatisfying. The world will not be a better or worse place because of your decision.


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I love math
Can you give a single example please
Thanks in advanced
Stay safe
Designing hardware and writing software for specialized 3-phase motor drivers. Clarke and Park transforms, Space Vector PWM, etc ...

You don't need to be a math wizard but you do need to be familiar with the basic math concepts like Transformations Theory and tensor math. Understanding the math makes the engineering problem