How did my MCU get fried?

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I have an idea of how my MCU got fried but I just wanted to confirm what I am thinking is correct and that it is the only possibility so that I can avoid it in the future.

I had my MCU powered on and the metal contacts of the solder joints accidentally came into contact with a metal panel that the MCU was mounted on. It fried and smoked. It probably shorted touching the metal plate and had too much current flowing through which burned the board...

But could there be any other reasons?


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There are hundreds or thousands of possibilities. You really need to be more specific. What is the board? What does your setup look like? Is it homemade or professional? What is its age? What is the power supply? What does the circuit look like? What does the board look like? What is the MCU? What voltage does it run on? What environment were you using it in?


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It would seem that the metal panel was referenced to one side of the power supply, either intentionally or accidentally?
Either that or two different potentials on the two or more pins were shorted by the metal contact.
When low impedance points are shorted, usually high(er) currents flow.
Not really a puzzler?