Please advice me on my electrical dilema so i don't get fried..

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Hi everybody i am new here.

I will explain to you my electrical dilema.

I hired recently rented parking space... so far so good.
Unfortunately it lacks electricial sockets.
I have spoken with the owner to provide at least 1 socket so i can charge my car battery since i dont drive it very often...
Owner of the rented parking space which is underground have took some wires and cables and attached them to some place i dont know where, he told me that he and i dont have access to Main fuse of that place....
To me his socket looks very unsecure and made installed from child.... also there are some cables... around.

I personally dont want to be fried since i know a lot of people in hospital and from electrical injuries i am not electrical guy my self..
I am also attaching photo which is the only one i have in the far away you can see the power socket...

So i can say to me it looks like very unstable and unsafe power installation.
So here is what i have done i bought APC - extender with several sockets surge protection and ground check as well...
So i plan to insert it when i need to use my car battery charger and to remove it when i dont need it.... not sure how often this will be yet probably at least once a week.
in case someone needed specs of my car charger here is it...

I am not sure how safe is to insert my apc surge protector extender into the socket which is from the owner , so my question is do i need to buy - Not sure how you call these in english i think they are called Dielectrical gloves
Electrical-insulating gloves and protectors are made of dielectric materials to protect workers from electrical shock. I plan to buy level 00 they are also quite expensive around 25$ -25euro-25gbp.
Do i need these gloves ,how safe is to be with naked hands inside power outlet socket with 240 volts inside at least?
If you think i need or i dont need the gloves let me known please, also do i need additional equipment i want to be safe not fried electrecuted...
My topic is serious please tell me what do you think...
If you have more questions let me known.
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welcome to AAC.Because we really don't like outside sourcing of photographs, I have reworked your first post to attach the photograph instead to the post. I have also approved your first post because of the image it had been put into approval queue. Here is a cropped and enlarge picture of which I think you were talking about:

I don't think it's clear enough for anybody to answer your question.

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battery since i dont drive it very often
Hello there welcome to AAC! :) we could perhaps assist you as to why you need the charger in the first place. Make, model, year of vehicle please.
How often do you drive your vehicle.
Once a year perhaps or longer?
Make, model,of car battery


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I would say that you don't need electrician's gloves.
Firstly, look at the socket at the end of the cable and see if besides the two round pins that there is a ground connection on the side (which I doubt). It would be safer if the cable had a ground connection.

Get a EU power bar such as this so that you are plugging into the power bar.


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My car has not been driven for more than 1 month, so i need to recharge the battery car is toyota hybrid. Car battery is exide 2 years old.My second car have 2000wats of music , and i also drive it very rare so i need to recharge my car battery otherwise i use jump starter to start it since battery goes flat if i dont drive it few weeks.... thats why i need to have option to charge my car batteries i hope this helps.
Lets return to the topic, Will electrician gloves give me extra protection, can person get fried from simple socket 240v which is not well made ? Keep in mind some cables are around of that sockets
Will gloves protect me in case of something goes bad?

My apc power socket extender can measure if it have grounds and other things... apc socket extender also have power bar as well.. here is link to my brand new apc outlet i bought it today...
it have surge protections as well...

PM5U-GR apc exact model..

i will try to provide better pictures in a few days but in the meantime i need every suggestion it can come to your head. Because i dont want to be fried :) from the electricity.
Should i get gloves for electrician or not will they help /save me in case something happen i will use them when i insert and remove my extender socket from apc only..
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You will not get a shock if you don't touch any metal parts connected to the power line.

Power bars are for your convenience only so that you are dealing with the power bar and not the cable that the owner supplied. It will provide some protection because you should not be able to come in direct contact with the power line voltages. As you can see the pictures of the power bars posted they are made of plastic and there are no exposed contacts to the power line except the plug and jack itself. Never touch the metal plugs while inserting or unplugging.


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One other caution you should take.

The parking garage is underground with sewer pipes in the vicinity where there is always the risk of flooding.
Make sure that the power line and power bar is mounted off the ground so that it is unlikely that it and any electrical equipment never come into contact with water. Get or build a small table to place the power bar and the charger so that they are off the ground.

You definitely do not want to enter a flooded garage with power lines sitting in standing water.


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It it doesn't have one, I would add a GFCI adapter to minimize the chance of a lethal electrical shock.
I think they have some that just plug into a standard outlet so you don't have to mess with the wiring.


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So is it better to buy electricians gloves or :) ?
I already said no. Save your money for something else.

Look to see if the cable supplied has a ground connection.
If it does not then look around for a metal pipe to make your own ground connection.

As suggested in post #8 and #9 it would be a good idea to install a GFCI for your safety.


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Yes if the power socket has a plastic casing; but not advisable (given the unknown state of the wiring) if the socket has an un-earthed metal casing. Your photo is too blurred for us to establish what, if any, earhing arrangement is present.

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socket of the owner have plastic casing yes so i am fine without any gloves and protection right just my bare hands and attach insert my apc power socket extender?


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The image I see is inadequate to do any evaluation regarding safety. So I suggest not touching any part, even with insulating gloves, until we can see what it really is. Some wiring is unsafe no matter what.
What I do see does not look like an electrical enclosure made to hold an electrical outlet, in which case one can not be installed safely.
AND how is any GFCI device going to protect anybody during the installation process???? The installation procedure is when an individual will be handling wires, which may not have any means available to switch them off. What protection will a GFCI provide?????
Next, consider the level of wiring experience the TS has. Thus I stand by my first advice.


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To make life easy for all of us, show us a photo of close up of the end of the power receptacle that you have been supplied.
Also a photo of nearby pipes would be useful.

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I can confirm that socket have plastic casing where i will plug my apc extender , but i cant provide pictures yet since i am still waiting for the remotes for access...