High side driver control- Negative voltage by switching-off

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Hello dear friends and colleagues,
Iam developing a half bridge driver and i faced the problem of Parastic turn on of the low side MOSFET i would like to turn off the high side mosfet with - voltage but iam facing problem since the Source of the high side mosfet is floating, any suggestion please?
I developed this spice model but it won't work1705829662450.png
Blue: Vd of high side MOSFET
Green: Vs of high side MOSFET
Red: Vds - drain source of HS Mosfet
light blue: Vds of low side MOSFET
Any help or/and suggestion would be much more appreciated.



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Gate Drivers must connect Gate to Source on the MOSFET. They will not work Gate(s) to ground.
There are bridge gate drivers that will drive 2 or 4 gates like you want, using all N-MOSFETs not P and N.

Here is an example. This one has no isolation.
You can't see it but inside the IC there is a diode from VDD to HB to make a floating supply.