High frequency transformer simulations

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Good day.
I am trying to design a high-frequency transformer for SMPS full-bridge converter.
I want to validate the number of turns on primary and secondary for calculated turns. is there a software platform to do it?
and regarding the number of strands calculations,
The #AWG selected is 29 ( both primary and secondary)
The number of strands calculated at the secondary is 16.
from the AWG table (https://www.powerstream.com/Wire_Size.htm).
when I try to calculate the total current by multiplying the ( maximum amps for power transmission* number of strands) 0.182*16 = 2.912A.
Is this the correct way to calculate if the number of strands will be enough to carry the specified amount of current?
any suggestion on resources for the design of a high-frequency power transformer for a full-bridge converter?
Is there a method to calculate the transformer core using the core area?
Warm Regards
Harini Krishna