High Frequency Transformer Design

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Hi everyone, I'm trying to design a high-frequency transformer. This is the first time I'm trying to design the transformer and I took a formula to minimize the total power losses in the transformer from the book "Transformers and inductors for power electronics" Hurley H.G.
First I need to find the optimum flux density unlimited by saturation employing a formula that can be seen in the attached figure. There are examples to design a transformer in that book and the author also shows a chart with the material specifications, specifications like "Kc"(Material parameter) or "alpha" (Material Constant) are needed in the optimum flux density formula, but the information is limited cause the author doesn't say where to find those material specifications, he shows them but I don't know where to find them, I've been trying to find on the web the material specifications for EPCOS N67 Mn-Zn ferrite, with no luck.

So, I'll be very grateful if anyone can explain to me where to find that information for all types of material, I'm doing this question because I need to employ other type of material in my design. The constants I need to find are shown in the table 5.8 from the figure attached.

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For frequencies over the 1 MHz the any power of transformer, if the resonance is used, may be got by core-less construction. For example, 30 kW 1 MHz transformer for induction heating of silicone has D of loop about 30 cm, there is 3 turns of copper pipe diameter about 15 mm with distilled water flowing inside, and secondary is 1 turn in distance about 1 cm off the primary coil. Both sides are in resonance and works very well without of any need for the core. Just in core version Youve got an optimal turn count 1/100 of one turn - how You shall realize such mind-sprain??