Hi need help with gm328 components tester

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    Hello I'm new here and to electronics. Got interested a few year ago and started learning bit by bit (mostly from youtube) so my knowledge is very limited. Bought the tester on Aliexpress but didn't notice it was the kit and not assembled 1, in the pics it was all assembled with the case and I didn't read the small print well enough but that's on me. Got it a few days ago and today finally got to assembling it. All went well it turned on no prob but when I tried to calibrate it it did resistance ok but when it came to capacitance testing it showed 6 - 6 - 44 as reference test and after it showed all the capacitores wrong showing way less.
    Here is a vid of me trying to calibrate
    Few pics showing the assembled module, would love to hear any criticism or suggestions. Please help.
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    ... If you have time, review the assembly. There seem to be one or two important details. Towards the end of the video, it shows the capacitor calibration procedure.
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    Thank you but I already watched it. You can see at 38:00 that his unit shows the reference capacitors as 42 79 45. My unit is showing 6 6 44 so the last 1 is good but the first 2 show wrong, much lower. My question does this board even has reference capacitors and if it does witch capacitors is it measuring for reference so i can try checking them and replacing if needed. I may be way off but that's the best i could come up with, as i said my knowledge is limited.
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