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anthony garofalo

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Hey guys,

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I worked at NASA's Kennedy Space Center for two years in the cryogenics test laboratory. I'm an electromechanical engineer and my hobbies include pretty much everything electrical and mechanical.

I've been looking for a new forum because the r/electronics subreddit isn't really doing it for me. What's your favorite part of this forum?
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What's your favorite part of this forum?
For a long time I only used the Projects forum. I went there looking for help and started pitching in where I could to help the small number of folks that knew even less than I did. Some of my projects were repair projects, and those are now in their own subform under Education/Technical repair. These days I use the "Today's Posts" tab to scan over what's going on in all the subforums. Most things don't interest me and/or I can't help, but every once in a while something comes along. There's a politics thread and a jokes thread (in the Off Topic forum), both of which can be fun at times and tedious at others.

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What's your favorite part of this forum?
Just anywhere except the political discussions bickers (which being, for the most part, confined to off-topic... for the nonce:rolleyes:)

My favorite part of the forum? The part where new members aren't joining for the sole purpose of promoting their YouTube channel.

Best regards - and with tremulous grant of benefit of the doubt...