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I'm new here so let me introduce myself.
20 years young, from Holland and new to this whole electronics thing. I got inspired to make someting trough people on youtube. Now that i have started a project for myself i run into some things. I want to make a drone and transmitter with the help of arduino and the internet.

After alot of research i made the skematich for the transmitter and i don't know if it is in order.
The transmitter needs te work as follow,

3 switches need to turn it on (thats looks cool). when you turn one switch a red led lights up. the next a orange and for the one after that a green one.
Then it goes to an arduino nano and a NRF24 and 2 joysticks.

Can someone help please check the sketch for errors? the sketch is made in fritzing.

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hello there :(
Your power supplies backwards polarity.
Your diagram is riddled with mistakes. Do you happen to have data sheets for the components?
Your inspiration is wonderful YouTube not so much.
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Welcome to AAC!
the sketch is made in fritzing.
Fritzing is a terrible program, but it should let you draw nets using multiples of 90 degrees.

The pros don't use multi-colored schematics very often.

For readability, flow should be primarily left to right and top to bottom.

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Hi, thans for the reply.
Thats bad news. I tried te remake something I saw on the internet.
I don't the date sheets, I didn't order any parts yet.
What does it mean about the power supply?