Help with LED rope lights.


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Manufacturers of LED lights measure and sort the LEDs into groups that have identical forward voltages so that they can be safely connected in parallel.

But this rope light probably has 3 blue LEDs in series and other strings of 3 LEDs in series with all the strings in parallel and they are powered from a single resistor.
Maybe because its cheap and easy, but I don't like this idea because if one string of three leds goes off then all the leds will burn.


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If you want to save money, components and draw less current from the battery to light the same number of leds follow Sgt's idea. Otherwise, follow my idea.


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Even if you found out which Chinese manufacturer made the LEDs you won't be able to read the datasheet, if there is a datasheet.


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Surface mount LEDs are pretty tough for hobbyists to deal with - particularly if they're new to soldering. They're also relatively expensive when compared to standard 3mm and 5mm LEDs.