Help using DPDT relays to activate DC motor on - trigger

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I'm trying to use ground triggers from an alarm system to lock and unlock the doors on a system from the drivers side door switch. Which has both motor wires grounded when the button is not pressed, and transfers power to one wire when unlock button is pressed and the opposite when locked button is pressed. Right now my door switch functions normally.

I'm using two DPDT switches, the green filled terminals from one relay will connect when the alarm ground on that relay is activated, providing 12v while the other side remains grounded. But I'm blowing my inline fuse from my 12v power switch when I initiate the alarm ground. So, my circuit is wrong and I don't know if it would even lock/unlock the doors or not. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Essentially I'm just trying to duplicate what the OEM switch is doing but using a negative trigger from the alarm.

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