Help Understanding The Different Power Supply Voltages in Schematic

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Hi everyone,
this is my first post, I need help understanding the difference in power supply voltages in my hp laptop motherboard. I have the diagram of a driver ic which controls 2 mosfet. and I'm trying to find out why I don't have 3.3v on source of PQ55, also I need to understand the difference between all these voltages, why I have 3.3v and +3VAWL. If someone can explain the difference in the following voltages and what they mean and when are they present. This is for an HP Pavilion g6 laptop motherboard
+3V, +3VSUS, +3VS5, +VAD, ACIN, +VAD_1, +12ALW, MAIND, +VIN_VCC_CORE, +VIN, +VCC_CORE, G5934PG, +VH28
thanks for the help!

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Hello there :) To answer your questions would only serve to confuse you,this synopsis will steer you in the proper direction.
I Hope!:rolleyes:
I'm sorry please forgive me, Welcome to AAC!
In some systems, especially those with a processor! Your laptop for instance, there is a strict power-up sequence that must be
followed. By using a GPIO or I
2C interface, load switches are a simple solution to implement power
sequencing to meet the power-up requirements. Load switches can provide independent control of each
power path to provide simplified point-of-load control for power sequencing.
The control logic is driven by an external logic signal. It controls the turn-on and turn-off of the pass
FET and other blocks, such as quick output discharge, the charge pump, and blocks with protection
features. This external logic signal is commonly connected directly to an external microcontroller.


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