Help to selector motor/battery for application

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Hello all,

I'm new to the forum. I joined to learn more about electronics. I have a BSME (bachelor of mechanical) but I have taken only one class of circuits. So I know basics only like ohm law and such. I know an electrical schematic when I see one but I don't know all the symbols and functionality of device. I only know resistors & pot. really thats about it in full understanding term. I have an understanding of capacitors but not in depth. I know what a switch is and know how to connect it and stuff.

So...I need help selecting a motor for my little home project I'm trying to do. I need one that can be controlled by voltage and only need it to be 120-ish rpm, and low torque.

Project: My windows condenses like crazy and then it freezes overnight and then melts during the day. Thats the cycle. I want to put a small fan and keep air circulating.

Main purpose for this is I want to get more hands-on with circuits and understand more of how to control small electricity and devices.

Ultimate goal is to have some type of battery to continuously (or at least most of the time) power a small motor and small solar panel to charge the battery. And also have the fan run as long as possible with minimum maintenance/disposal. I was thinking of a 18650 for the battery or a 2.7v (not using all 2.7v) with 500F capacitor. I will add a potentiometer as well for voltage control.

Solar panel and the fan part is least of my concern since I have some knowledge on that. I just need a correct motor and start experimenting my self.

I have search on small dc motors but most are high in voltage or low voltage but high in torque.

If someone can direct me to the right motor for this type of app, I appropriated. Or suggest some other methods as well.