Help to identify a couple of SMD parts!

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    Jun 9, 2015
    IMG_5958.JPG Hi Guys,

    I am trying to fix an electronic Dimmer actual model of dimmer is, Wireless In-Line Dimmer LDZ-IL51-B (Control 4) home automation.

    I believe the dimmers have all failed due to a power outage and when the power has come back on it has damaged the

    I am trying to identify the following markings,

    83AB N05A - I think I have worked out this one LM1117MP-3.3/NOPB

    RKT 1011A - I believe the manufacture is ON - Semiconductor

    I am trying to look for a component I can order online that is the same if not equivalent to this,

    Pictures attached,
    Locations IC3 and IC4

    Many thanks for your help,

    also in your opinion what do you think would blow on a board like this due to a power spike ?