HELP- Rebuilding Mitsubishi Rear Peojection TV with a 4K Sony Tv

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I have a Mitsubishi WS-65809 manufactured September 2001. The crt tubes are faulty, however the tv holds a great deal of sentimental value. My plan is to gut the insides, put a brand new 4K Sony Tv inside to get the impression the tv is still working. Attach the hdmi, coaxial, componetent , rca jacks, etc to the new tv using their perspective cords and run them to the back of the old tv box using a wall compenetent board to give the allusion it’s part of the tv. I also plan on reconnecting the front ports on the tv to work. I’m also wanting to install new speakers inside from a current surround sound unit and run them to the back of the tv into a wall panel and then from their to a surround sound. If possible I’d like to reconnect the original Mitsubishi buttons on the front of the tv with the new Sony tv either by hard wiring them in or by hardwiring a new Sony remote behind this front panel. I’d also like to reprogram the original Mitsubishi tv remote to be able to control the Sony tv. The basic idea is to have this unit run like brand new, like it never broke, to be updated to today’s tv standards, and to make the old Mitsubishi tv box lighter for transport. I’ve gotten lots of negative feedback from this idea and I would like to get the opinion of others. I’ve attached the pics of the unit. I also plan on installing some type of fan to keep the new tv cool as this has been a common complaint from others experts in the field. There is also the bump out v in the back of the unit made of wood that I plan to make a hinged door to allow easy access to the new tv. Any questions , concerns, or comments is much appreciated. Thanks. Should be a fun and interesting project.