Help, Ramp Generator,Triangle, approx 10kHz .

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Please someone, enlighten TS

Vcc = 9v Vi = 2v
Q1 and Q2 as schmitt triger.
The VH is set for 6v...Before the cap voltage reaches 6v, the Collector voltage of Q2 will be around 5.2 hence the zener diode to keep Q7 off = Q6 off

VH set for 2v
current = 25uA

When Q6 is off, current flows through D2 to charge Q1 until voltage reaches VH to turn on Q6, then the current mirror will make C discharge with same current

But... not working. Voltages not complying

Please what's wrong? and you can ignore previous statement by TS (Just following A.K's advice to explain what circuit about)

Thank you