Help please what is needed to create a circuit

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Hey my guys sorry if I don't make sense or so very tired and been tryna figure this out, so I have set alittle project for myself for the fun of it. I want to create a circuit, I have a bread board, soldering iron and rotary encoder and I was wanting to create a circuit that connects to my pc via usb and powers it and also allows my pc to use it, what the project is to start off I want to make it so the rotary encoder (believe I got the correct thing for the task) if I turn it left for example it'll scroll down on the computer like a computer mouse scroll wheel etc. I was wanting to start there and slowly add to it but I was wondering what else would I need to complete the project example like a aduino (sorry bad spelling) to run a script for the scroll and if needed what one would be best and powering wise thank you very much :)


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  • Do you know how to code?
  • Are you familiar loading programs into a μprocessor?
  • What is your electronics background?
  • Are you familiar with the HID spec?
  • Are you familiar with several serial communications protocols
IMHO, you’ll need experience in all of the above to make your project successful. If you answer these questions, perhaps someone can outline an approach for you.


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if I turn it left for example it'll scroll down on the computer like a computer mouse scroll wheel
(I haven't done OS kernel programming) but as far as I get -- you'll need :
  • either "kernel rights"
  • or trick the windows to identify your rotary as a computer mouse
i can't advice you with neither . . . but it's doable


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Rotary encoders take all forms, but the most common is the quadrature output, a mouse is usually this form.
What is wrong with actually using a mouse input, if used on a PC input , maybe the best solution is to write a PC program for it in Visual C++ or Visual Basic.